Re: Origin and function of language

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 10:41:23 GMT (MSCob) wrote:

>>Even if you were on a desert island, without the need for social skills or
>>communication, language would help you. without language thought would be
>>enormously difficult. I would say language is a tool for thinking more
>>than anything.

>I'm an extremely verbal thinker, but even I do some important thinking
>without words -- imagining things that might happen in different scenarios
>visually or even emotionally. Don't a lot of scientists do important
>thinking in pictures?

I made an attempt to repear the washer last week.
Occasionally I uttered words like "shit",but most of the time I went
about silently.
I was merely *doing* things.I did most of the "thinking" with my
Amazingly I managed to fix it.