Unsolicited mail

Keith Norris (keith@GECKO.BIOL.WITS.AC.ZA)
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 09:34:34 LOCAL

Recently I've been receiving a large amount of unsolicited mail from people
trying to sell me things, usually cheaper internet rates. This is much the
same as junk-mail being pushed into my letter-box and really irritates me, and
I have found myself writing some very rude replies. Most of these start off
with something to the effect of "Hi There! I saw you browsing through the
Internet and thought you may want to save some money...". A quick look at the
address line, however, reveals that it was not the person who saw me browsing,
but his machine automatically sending out vast amounts of this junk.

Has anyone else found this to be an annoying problem? If so, I would
appreciate you e-mailing me so that I can establish the extent of the problem.
Perhaps then somthing can be done. I would ideally like to flood such users'
machines, but this may not be possible. Any other routes you can suggest?

I look forward to hearing from disgruntled browsers,