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>Richard Foy wrote:
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>> >Note, also, that sub-Saharan Africa is closer to the Asia-African
>> >migration route than is the rest of Africa.
>> I am interested. Could you tell me what is the Asia-African
>> migration route?
>Various fossils of Homo gen., from Homo erectus, to "Cro
>Magnon", to H. sapiens cf. neanderthalis have been found in
>Palestine. These early but advanced hominids were, by
>geographic constraints, "funneled" into this isthmus, at
>least if the hominids wanted to migrate out of Africa.
>And, of course, the land that they crossed over into was
>western Asia. Palestine was a land-bridge.

Thank you.

I thought that might be the case.

However, it makes me wonder what the prior poster was thinking. that
is it would seem to me that Egypt and perhaps other parts of the
Mediteranian Africa would be closer to the migration route than the
sub-Saharan Africa.

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