Re: Morgan and creationists

1 Jul 1996 11:55:35 GMT

James Borrett ( wrote:
: Phillip Bigelow wrote:

: > Any of the well-known UNambiguous aquatic character traits that would
: > indicate an aquatic past for hominids, such as the presence of flippers,
: > or presence of oil-waterproofed fur, or reduction of size of legs (or
: > loss of legs), or the presence of a thick (THICK) layer of blubber, or a
: > hydrodynamically-optimized body shape, are all NOT found in humans.

: Do you really think that all of this could have happened in a maximum
: aquatic phase of two million years?

Two million years in the euprimates is between 0.1 (Proconsul africanus)
and 4 species worth of evolutionary change. _Behavioral_ adaptation (where
the population adopts the behavior without changing much physically) is
about a species worth of change. It is hypothetically possible for a
population of early hominids to have gone to sea (as we did about 60KYr ago),
but only if the population was evolving rapidly at that time, and then
only for a geological instant. The following null hypothesis is
probably testable:

"The lineage leading to H. sapiens experienced a phase extending over
three chronospecies during which it was adapted to aquatic foraging

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