Re: Miocene and Pliocene apes familiy tree?

22 Jul 1995 03:26:02 GMT

Alex Duncan ( sez:

`The best candidates for common ancestry of African 'noids (including
`humans) are Dryopithecus and Ouranopithecus (= Graecopithecus?).
`Ouranopithecus especially shows potentially apomorphic features (African
`pattern premax/palate articulation, well-developed supraorbital tori)
`that link it with African apes. There was a recent suggestion that
`Ouranopithecus is in fact a sister group to gorillas, and the discoverers
`of much of the recent material make a reasonable case for Ouranopithecus
`being the earliest hominid (I use "hominid" in the traditional sense

What is the postcranial structure like for Ouranopithecus? Has there
been any found?

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