Supernova pictograph at Chaco Canyon

21 Jul 1995 18:43 CDT

Thought I would follow-up a previous post of mine.

The evidence that the supernova pictograph is indeed a representation of the
Crab Nebula explosion of 1054 is mounting. The pictogaph, a star image and
crescent moon with a human hand, is located under a ledge that faces due east
at Chaco Canyon. The supernova occurred in the constellation Taurus which was
just above the eastern horizon, and its position was just a couple of degrees
east of the cresent moon. Chaco Canyon culture was in its florescence at the

I was able to take a field trip to Chaco (which is in the nw section of New
Mexico) this summer and I also discovered that there is an unmistakable image
of a comet directly below the supernova. (I didn't discover this, it is common
Mexico) and discovered that there is also an image of a comet directly below
the supernova. It is very faint and doesn't come out well in photographs, but
it is unmistakable and has a long tail. Turns out that Halley's Comet came
through just 12 years later in 1066. Interesting...

I believe this site was where the Anasazi put the "unexplainable" phenomenon
that didn't fit into their worldview. The site was an area considered sacred,
and people were told not to go near it; thus the explanation of the Pueblo
"sacred hand". If anyone gets a chance to go to Chaco, take it! Its a
wonderful place, and one that I will undoubtedly return to.


james benthall