Re: Miocene and Pliocene apes familiy tree?

21 Jul 1995 20:29:41 GMT

Joerg Rhiemeier ( sez:
`Does anyone know more details about how the different miocene and pliocene
`apes (e.g. Proconsul, Ramapithecus, Sivapithecus, Kenyapithecus,
`Dryopithecus, Oreopithecus, Gigantopithecus, ...) relate to each other
`and to modern apes, and human? I think Proconsul is now considered to
`be the common ancestor of all the Greater Apes and Homo, and
`Ramapithecus and Sivapithecus are Pongines (members of the ancestorial
`line of orang-utans), and Gigantopithecus was related to the
`orang-utan line as well. But what about Dryo, Oreo and Kenyapithecus,
`and which was the common ancestor of chimp and human, and which the
`common ancestor of that one and gorilla (after the orang-utan line
`split off)?

`Thanks in advance

Yes, I just tucked this same question onto the end of a post. Anyone
responding, please use this (Joerg's) subject line so we can keep the
threads tidier. When I was in school, many moons ago, it seems to
me that Dryo was the most recent common ancestor that was proposed,
though I have a vague memory that it was later deposed.

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