Re: Nostrils: a definition

24 Jul 1995 08:43:49 GMT

Ralph L Holloway ( sez:
`On 23 Jul 1995, Colin Campbell wrote:

`> I guess this explains the tragic results of the manned space program's
`> long record of zero-gravity asphyxiations...
` No, not at all, Colin. What it explains is that in addition to being
`descended from aquatic apes, we are also decended from the the space
`program of several million years some more irrelevant info for
`us? R. Holloway.

Nevertheless, he is correct. The only place gravity really comes in
to play in breathing is on exhalation, where the weight of the
chest can be sufficient to deflate the lungs, but there are
muscles to assist that action, which is why we can breath in
a weightless environment.

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