Mon, 17 Jul 1995 00:01:28 GMT

New serious thesis on subject available... Title: "Atlantikos? A
Review & Wonderings by a Suggestor" by G.T.Young. Ankh Publications,
P.O.B. 201121, Denver CO 80220. $10.00, incl postage...

-- OR --

Author will send electronic copy to interested educators, students &
researchers for free via E-mail upon request. (Essay is approx
206kb/31000 words; written on Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 / MS Windows
system 3.1) E-mail address: ...

-- Also --

Would like to start a discussion re this subject via this Net post
and/or by E-mail... Only serious-minded dialogue, please. No "fringe"
or "New Age" types; no Debunkers vs. Believers games--- seek
intelligent, reasonable, open-minded exchange...