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16 Jul 1995 10:14:27 GMT

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` Pete Vincent (VINCENT@TRIUMF.CA) wrote:
` : Dear oh dear, your recent arrival is showing. Leaving aside the
` : unseemly lack of civility, your post reveals your ignorance of
` : the origin of this newsgroup, which was in fact orphaned out
` : of sci.anthropology as a wilderness into which the aat debaters
` : could be cast.
` sci.anthropology.paleo was NOT created solely to give the Aquatic Ape
` Theory a home, but because paleoanthropology is a different subject
` to social and cultural anthropology, and it was felt that having
` two groups would make it easier for people to find topics that
` interested them.
well, no, of course I didn't mean to imply that. Only that the
volume of aat posts increased the enthusiasm for the creation
of s.a.p. How long do you suppose it would have taken for s.a.p.
to be born without them? (Me, I have not been convinced of the
truth of the aat, but as a semi-aquatic mammal myself, who never
really feels content when more than twenty feet from the seashore,
I have a sentimental atraction to it.)

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