Re: Which Colleges for grad program?

Mark Fagan (71640.2463@CompuServe.COM)
24 Jul 1995 06:24:05 GMT

After you determine WHAT you want to study, the real question is
WHO to study with.

If you're ready to apply for grad school, you should have read
enough of the literature to get some sense of whose work interested
you, who you might want as a mentor. If not, check of the journals
in the field you want to study and start reading!

You have to understand the process by which grad students are
chosen. If you meet the basic requirements, then you have to be
picked out by a professor to become one of 'his/her' students.
They become your adviser and have a great influence over your
future. If you get a good one, they will steer you into areas of
opportunity, help you to get funds, guide you, introduce you to
others and really teach you how to be a real, functioning
anthropologist. A bad one can teach you nothing, waste your time,
use you for their own ends and make you give up your dreams.

If you can, it ALWAYS pays to talk to current grad students of a
school/professor that you're interested in. They can give you the
straight facts, that you can't get anywhere else.