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Daan Sandee (sandee@Think.COM)
14 Jul 1995 23:48:26 GMT

In article <3u6dg1$>, Alex Duncan <> writes:
|> P.S. does anyone know how to spell "occassional"? I know this is wrong,
|> but everything else I try looks wrong as well. Any good mnemonics for
|> this?

Well, you could learn Latin or buy a dictionary or ask on alt.usage.english.
In the meantime :
I assume you have no problem pronouncing it, and you will notice the
sibilant is voiced rather than voiceless. A voiced sibilant is never
spelled -ss-.

voiced voiceless
------ ---------
abrasion compassion
occasion passion
adhesion accession
lesion agression
collision admission
decision fission
division mission
recision rescission
allusion concussion
confusion discussion

The noun "occasion" causes the adjective "occasional" by adding the
Latinate suffix -al and the adjective causes the adverb "occasionally"
by adding the English adverbial suffix -ly.

Daan Sandee
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