Sat, 22 Jul 95 10:21:00 -0500

NE>Your really out of touch here. There are those who suggest that oestrus
NE>is "concealed" in human females. A more interesting suggestion is that
NE>human females have "permanent" oestrus. And no, I don't mean they're
NE>continuously ovulating. However, human males are sexually interested in
NE>females at ALL times during the cycle. This has been adequately and
NE>reasonably explained as an adaptation to different male and female
NE>reproductive strategies.

Yes, but are human females sexually interested in males at ALL times
during the cycle? Are they more interested at some points of the cycle
than at other points? (I would say that "you're really out of touch
here," but I think that snotty comments like that don't add much to the
search for the truth.)

NE> By the way, very few mammals other than humans produce so much
NE>blood during menstruation. This could be another fact you could
NE>integrate into the AAT. Oh, wait, it wouldn't work -- blood attracts

Are you aware that immersion in cold water stops the flow? We had these
big arguments during the 50's about girls going into swimming pools when
they were menstruating (oooo-oooo contamination! said some males), so
there's a body of knowledge on this subject of which you may not be

Like you, I will remain skeptical of the aquatic ape theory until more
verifiable evidence becomes available, and I believe that the proponents
of that theory bear the burden of proof, just as the proponents of all
theories do, but I am also very skeptical of any scenarios proposed so
far by the standard savanna theorists for the bipedal adaptation, as
they have even less evidence for their suppositions.

We just don't know, do we, why she began to walk upright?


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