Re: prime numbers and African artifact

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14 Jul 1995 15:11 PST

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`>> Whoa! There seems to be a whole lot of confusion here as to just what a
`>> prime number is. Simply put, it is a number that can only (without
`>> leaving a remainder) be divided by 1 and by itself. 2 is the only even
`>> prime number, since all other even numbers are divisible by 2.
`>> [Pebble game deleted for sanity's sake...]
`>Bugger! I jumped in too soon - and now here we are with what must be the
`>finest, juciest, most wonderfully satisfying catch of the contest...
`>Surely there's nothing bigger left now in those waters?
`Gosh, I hope not! My InformationSuperTrollingRod (tm) is already bent
`almost double. I don't think it'll take much more ...

given the size of today's (friday's) catch, I don't think yer rod
will be much use, even with no bait on an unbarbed hook. Just put
it down and use your landing net. Geez, they'll probably start
jumping right onto the boat pretty soon.

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