Fri, 14 Jul 95 12:36:04 -0500

NE>>believe they were a different species than ourselves. As for the rest of
NE>>the morphology, I would expect differences as between Bushmen and
NE>>Australian aborigines, or Eskimos and Ituri forrest Pygmies, etc, to be
NE>>about of the same dimensionality.

And such humans are able to mate and produce viable offspring? Do we
have empirical evidence of that?

NE>I used to be a lumper. I am now developing "splitter" affinities.
NE>Perhaps all I need is a good psychiatrist.

Get a Jungian one who will help you to recover your neanderthal
archetypes. <g>

NE>>palaeoanthropology, you can take a position, currently unpopular, and
NE>>expect to see your position become popular with time.

As with fashions in teaching English, the cycles come round about every
17 years!

Until the damn
NE>>things are discovered frozen in blocks of ice, and we can test the DNA
NE>>and perhaps experiment with the frozen sperm and eggs, we simply won't
NE>>ever know for sure. Ditto with language origins, sexual behavior, etc., etc

You would consider such experiments to be ethical? I shall immediately
send your name to the Christian Coalition as you are obviously one of
those people who bears watching. <g>

NE>I don't know, I have always thought that if you want to study
NE>neandertal morphology the NFL is a good place to start.


NE>I blame it on that dreadful "Clan of the Cave Bear" book.

C'mon, I thought that series was better than the Tarzan of the Apes
series. Could be just a feminist perpective though.


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