Fri, 14 Jul 95 12:36:04 -0500

Alert!!! You were asking for examples of neanderthal behavior--

NE>Humans developed the ability to weep copiously in
NE>anticipation of the day when we would have the wonder
NE>of such a thing as sci.anthropology.paleo on the Internet,
NE>and yet have it polluted, endlessly, with this AAH/T shit.

NE>Will you f*cking idiots take a powder, for once and for

NE>Start your own, stupid newsgroup, and stop wasting space
NE>on this one.

NE>Thank you,
NE> - Bearcat

It appears that we have a perfect specimen handy. Be careful though not
to interact with it and thus contaminate its behavior patterns before we
can study them. ;)


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