Re: prime numbers and African artifact

Jim Allenspach (jima@MCS.COM)
14 Jul 1995 10:50:46 -0500 (Peter Seebach) writes:

>In article <3u3tom$>, SEELIGER <jes7123@omega> wrote:
>>Peter Seebach ( wrote:
>>: > What's the easy way to show that 254365465431652436514232 is not
>>: >prime again?
>[proof elided]

>>Yeah, but what's an easy way to show 254365465431652436514232 is not a
>>binary number?

>Duh. It is. It's

>What gave you the idea it wasn't representable in binary? All even numbers
>can be represented in binary. [..........]

Um. The question wasn't whether or not is was REPRESENTABLE in
binary. The question was whether or not the number itself is binary. Which
is isn't, since it uses 6 different symbols to represent it. So it's
written in base 6 or higher. (When HappyNet finally gets here, ALL numbers
will be written in base 6 or higher...)