farewell to reason?

Alex Duncan (aduncan@mail.utexas.edu)
20 Jul 1995 23:43:00 GMT

In article <DC1595.1Br@inter.NL.net> Gerrit Hanenburg,
ghanenbu@inter.nl.net writes:

>Yes, IF you subscribe to something like Karl Poppers philosophy of science
>(critical rationalism),but maybe the proponents of the AAH prefer to stay
>with philosopher Paul Feyerabend ("Against Method"-1975 and "Farewell to
>Reason"-1987). ;-)

I assume your making some kind of comment about the "intellectual"
methodology preferred by pseudoscientists? Frankly, a title like
"Farewell to Reason" frightens me. I've had more than ample
opportunities to sample alternative methods of "knowing", and have been
disappointed in all but science (actually, science too, just not as much).

Can you put Feyerabend's ideas in a nutshell for me?

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