Gigantopithecus - a biped???

Ludvig Mortberg (
13 Jul 1995 00:18:42 GMT

I've read somewhere that the shape, primarily the angle between
the two rows of teeth formed by molars and premolars, of the
gigantopithecine jawbone suggests an animal adapted for walking
upright. The jawbone should according to this interpretation be
wide and shaped to, sort of, make room for the neck when
standing up.

Can any inferences about a primates posture be made from the
general shape of the jawbone? Compare the shape of the jawbone
of a gorilla, a human and gigantopithecus. What does it tell us?

Gigantopithecus is not really a primate to talk seriously about
(especially not asking questions if it were a biped) primarily
because some people claim that it's still running around in the
woods in northamerica as bigfoot. And in Asia as yeti, alma etc. I
hope we can exclude bigfoot, alma etc. from the discussion.