Re: Pre-contact diseases anyone???

Whelko (
12 Jul 1995 17:59:51 -0400

Wow! Looks like I asked the right group about the rheumatoid arthritis/
americas connection. Many thanks to all who responded. Also looks like I
had it turned around a bit...I had probably read something about a
possible ORIGIN of Rheumatoid arthritis in the americas. The following
article seems to be on this subject, but seems to be from a pretty obscure
source. Anybody have more info on this? (or willing to mail me a xerox
copy) Is evidence for RA lacking from non-american precontact bones?

Symmetrical erosive disease in Archaic Indians: the origin
of rheumatoid arthritis in the New World?.
Seminars in Arthritis & Rheumatism. 19(5):278-84, 1990

While we're at it, what's the straight dope on origin of syphillis? I've
read and heard stories of an american origin for this disease as
well-complete with details about a similar spirochete from llamas, and
speculative theories about unwholesome behavior by some of Pizarro's men.
Chris Welch []