Re: webbing

Alex Duncan (
14 Jul 1995 18:34:45 GMT

Well, I've been trying to pry the poor thing's cold, dead fingers apart,
without much luck. I don't see that I'll be able to do it w/out
performing a pretty complete dissection of the hand, which is something
that I don't have time for. A picture will arrive sooner or later

BTW -- thanks for all the good info. on the ontogeny of webbing.

Speaking of ANCIENT features -- any thoughts out there about the
occassional occurence of polydactyly in humans? I've often thought that
we all must have the genetic potential for more digits than we actually
have. It is well known now that both Acanthostega and Icthyostega had
more than 5 on both fore and hindlimbs. Perhaps the occassional
appearance of extra digits in humans results from the faulty function of
a regulatory gene.

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