Re: aat-reply to Moore.

J. Moore (
Tue, 18 Jul 95 18:25:00 -0500

PD> >When your guys explain why full time bipedalism is unique to humans,
PD> >why no other primate occupying a similar range of habitats failed to
PD> >evolve a similarly "advantageous" mode of locomotion, <snip>
PD> >Pat Dooley

Rd> When your guys are able to explain why not a _single_ species,
Rd> besides your postulated proto-humans, has evolved into bipedalism from
Rd> an aquatic lifestyle, I might take your hypothesis, I'm tempted to say
Rd> "myth," seriously.
Rd> David L. Burkhead

Pat hasn't even managed to come up with a *non-bipedal* mammal
that made the transition to aquaticness that has the slow
reproductive rate of chimps or gathering-hunting humans and is
about the same size. The only time he tried he came up with
something that whose present-day descendents reproduce at nearly
twice the rate and was *3 METERS* long. (I'm sure the local NBA
expansion team, the Toronto Raptors, would like to meet all those
nine and three-quarter foot high people Pat apparently knows.)

Jim Moore (

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