Re: Tears

Bearcat (
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 22:34:57 GMT

DaveB. wrote:
: Bearcat wrote (about AAT):
: >Will you f*cking idiots take a powder, for once and for
: >all?

: >Start your own, stupid newsgroup, and stop wasting space
: >on this one.

: In all fairness, the above post is much more a waste of space than any (well,
: most) of the AAT posts. I, for one, am interested in hearing about the AAT or
: any other theory which is presented in a reasonable manner. I may not agree,
: but then I don't have to read the posts if I don't like them.

Yes, you're right. I apologize. After a year of lurking here,
I finally blew.

- Bearcat