Help You with Research

A. Rosenberger (
20 Jul 1995 12:45:33 GMT

We are a small organisation which will provide limited funding for scientific projects. Funding will be available in conjunction with the employment of volunteers for (preferrably) scientific field work. Volunteers will be scientific lay-man (and women) and be able to help with field work for the time of their vacations, typically two to six weeks.

These volunteers will contribute in a reasonable way their skills for a limited time. They will cover their travel expenses and as well make a financial contribution to the scientific project. They will help observing, counting, will operate equipment and aid with their individual professional and human abilities. In return they will gain insight into the project, are part of the team and experience exciting vacations.

Our organisation resides in Germany and will care for all concerns with respect to travel-logistics of the volunteers. In certain cases we may as well be able to provide logistic support for scientific projects in remote areas.

We address people engaged in ecologic and social issues. Consequently, projects with a focus on environmental research and conservation, protection of endangered species, human-rights and equal opportunity issues, global change research and the like from all disciplines, biology, geosciences, archaeology, oceanography, social sciences etc. will qualify.

Contact, give short description of your
project, how volunteers could get involved and add your snail-mail address and telefone (fax) number where you can be reached.