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Fri, 21 Jul 1995 10:24:36 GMT


Re: Atlantis posting Re
"Atlantikos? A Review & Wonderings by a Suggestor"

There have been inordinate snafus, problems, etc., getting E-mail
copies of ms. sent to those asking for one (as some of you reading
this already know), and a fix may or may not be quick (large size of
document, program and/or equipment/servers capabilities/malfunctions.
personal stupidity, etc.--- all seem to be factors)...


Will all of you kind folks who have E-mailed for a copy --- and all
forthcoming interested in a copy --- please send your normal post
office mail address, and a hard (Xerox) copy will be sent asap free of
charge. You can send it via E-mail (I seem to get/send ordinary
E-mail ok) c/o: --OR-- c/o: P.O.B. 201121,
Denver CO 80220 U.S.A. ...

Sorry for all the trouble, but trust you understand and so will hear
from all of you soon, one way or the other...


21 July 95