Re: Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Tue, 11 Jul 1995 12:08:43 GMT

In article <3tr0s8$>,
Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
> (BARD) wrote:
>>In article <3tonpk$>,
>>Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
>>> (BARD) wrote:
>>>> 8 Jul. 1995
>>>> Mr. Nicholls,
>>>> This upcoming Monday morning I will be in contact with your
>>>> department head at SUNY Albany. I will email him a copy of your
>>>> email note as well as the many others you have sent me over the past
>>>> few months.
>>>> BARD
>>>To all sci.anthropology.paleo and sci.anthropolgy readers:
>>>Please not NOT respond publically to this message. Respond via email
>>>or mail a copy of this message to
>> Why...?
>> To post such an edict -- to a group of scientists no less --
>> speaks volumes of your off-center view of the world.
>I did not post an edict. I posted a request. I even said please. An
>edict implies that I have some power to inforce that request. And
>please excuse me if I don't see you as the center of the world and
>only see you as an annoying child ( an observation confirmed by a
>friend of mine at Netcom).

>> You really do have a lot to learn, Mr. Nicholls.
>No doubt about it. However, not from you.

From me indeed!

First lesson, Mr. Nicholls, it is one thing to cast aspersion on
my character and mental stability on your own, quite another
to solicit confidential information about my account from a "friend"
you have at Netcom!


You will name this person and you will do it publically!

Further, I want a public apology from both he and you or rest
assured I will pursue appropriate action.

Do you not understand anything about how these things work?

Does not your obsession to destroy my reputation know no bounds?

How dare you solicit confidential information about my business
dealings and than post them on the world-wide net.

I tell you, Nicholls, your industrial spying on me will cease and
will cease forthwith!

And you will identify the person at netcom who supplied you with
the aforementioned information about my account!

I am not kidding, Mr. Phil Nicholls... This is a very serious matter...

You have stepped over the line...