Re: prime numbers and African artifact

Annette Dexter (
11 Jul 95 20:09:47 GMT

David Ullrich <> writes:

>>>>On a related topic, the binary system has the interesting property that
>>>>all numbers which end in 1 are prime: 001, 011, 101, 111, ...
>>>Going further, the next number that ends in 1 is 1001 = 9, which is
>>>3 times 3, and therefore not prime.
>>>Perhaps you meant to say that in the binary system, all numbers
>>>that end in 1 are odd?
>>Um, this is the same troll, in binary. Lemme help you with that hook...

> What's the easy way to show that 254365465431652436514232 is not
>prime again?

why, was it a prime last time?