New support of AAT

10 Jul 1995 11:30:36 GMT

Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren strongly supports AAT

A. Lindgren's protagonist Pippi Longstocking says to her friends
Thomas and Annika, while she is jumping around and diving in a
small ditch by the road:
'Only in this country one makes oneself believe that children are
not allowed to play in ditches. In America the ditches are crowded
with children so there is almost no room for water. They stay
there all through the year. In winter they freeze in and only the
heads stand out. And their moms have to go and get them fruit soup
and meatballs, because they can't go home for dinner. But they are
sound as a bell, I can tell you.'
I think, that this quote is based on old and almost forgotten stories,
that date back to our aquatic history.

Wolfgang Jordan
snailmail: SNI BS2000 OS 331, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 Muenchen, Germany