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17 Jul 1995 18:53:32 GMT

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Phil Nicholls <> wrote:

>No mention of any of the following:
>The Hadar "first family" fossils.
>Tim White
>Yves Coppens
>OH-62("Lucy's Child").

I'm unclear about what point you're making here. The conversation
seemed to be about Johanson not mentioning other people's
contributions/fossils, but the above-mentioned are finds from his trips.
If he didn't mention them, I would assume it's because he wanted to talk
about other things (or are you saying the above fossils are so important
he *should* have discussed them).

It would have been ridiculous to discuss OH 62 and not mention the
Turkana Boy, since the latter is clearly a much more important fossil.
And it got a mention, even though Richard Leakey didn't (except in the
newspaper clipping).

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