Re: Gorilla sweat

J. Moore (
Sun, 9 Jul 95 18:40:00 -0500

PD> >until other possible causes had been eliminated; e.g. saliva, residual
PD> >moisture in their fur, etc.

AD> -Gorillas generally don't have fur on their chests. Do you actually
AD> know
AD> -ANYTHING about comparative primate anatomy. I would suggest taking a
AD> -course or reading a book.
AD> -Alex Duncan

Si> Excuse me.. but it does not appear from Pat's message, at least the one
Si> that you quoted, that he says anything about gorillas having hair on
Si> their chests.
Si> So why the torrid reply?
Si> Troy Kelley

The post Pat was replying to clearly mentioned gorillas with sweat
running down their chests, and Pat replied that this was "saliva,
residual moisture in their fur". So he rather obviously *was* saying
that gorillas have fur on their chests. You just don't have very good
reading comprehension, do you?

Oh, by the way, you were going to post some stories "about lions,
cheetahs, leopards, tigers, hyenas or hunting dogs" killing more than a
thousand people in a single night. Remember? I do. And I'm waiting to
hear them (especially the one about cheetahs). I'll make it easy for
you: *your* creatures can be killing over a thousand *unarmed* people
instead of people armed with rifles.

Jim Moore (

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