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J. Moore (
Mon, 10 Jul 95 11:11:00 -0500

Nd> Speaking of bipedalism and the AAH, I looked into a copy of National
Nd> Geographic in the library the other day, and saw a picture of a lowland
Nd> gorilla, waist deep in water. Unsurprisingly,it was walking upright.
Nd> Nicholas Rosen
Nd> Standard disclaimers apply.

Would that be "standard disclaimers" as in "poor observational skills
brought to bear"? I posted a week ago about that picture, but using my
reasonable observation skills I saw what you either didn't or ignored:

JM> It's also interesting that the most recent National Geographic (July
JM> 1995) has an article on the Ndoki forest with a picture of a lowland
JM> gorilla in water. The gorilla is standing on two feet; perhaps the
JM> missing link the AAT supporters are looking for? Well, no; the gorilla
JM> is staring directly at the cameraman (who was on a platform) and its
JM> arms are clearly wet up to a point about midway between the elbow and
JM> shoulder. In other words, we have a gorilla who was wading
JM> quadrapedally, saw someone, and stood up -- typical gorilla behavior.

So we see that it *wasn't* "walking upright". It was a clear picture;
you could've seen the obvious as I did. Maybe you'll try it next time.
Or you could just read my posts... ;-)

Jim Moore (

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