Re: Tears, differences between emotions and irritants...

Bearcat (
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 13:22:18 GMT

Ralph L Holloway ( wrote:
: I'm grateful to Phil Nicholls for digging out the empirical information
: on innervation of the lacrimal gland and rebutting the trigeminal
: nonsense.
: Can someone refresh my memory regarding some research done
: several years ago which seemed to indicate that the composition of tears
: was different whether or not the stimulus was an irritant to the surface
: of the eyeball or was an emotional stimulus through the cortical-limbic
: route? Does anyone remember this work? It was an interesting finding that
: some of a feminist view used to propose that if males were to cry more
: frequently (as women supposedly do), they would be healthier, as the
: emotional release of tears helped rid the system of toxic substances,
: whereas mechanical stimulation only produced tears that would help wash
: away the irritant. This has absolutely nothing to do with AAT, I hope...

On a side note, I remember reading that crying also promotes release
of endorphins.

- Bearcat