Re: I Actually Saw a Live Pith...

Tue, 11 Jul 1995 01:35:53 GMT

In article <3tgqm0$>, Dave Keeny <> wrote:
>The author's approach to the whole thing smacks of a 15 year old
>having fun with his latest troll, IMO. If this guy really believed
>what he says and had evidence, witnesses, etc., to back it up then
>he would publish it, if only to prove us fools. But he's having
>more fun stirring the pot.
>My 2 cents: let's let the thread die a natural death. Bard will just
>wander off & find another room to play in.
>Dave Keeny
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>(Except stupid opinions, which actually belong to someone else)

Hey, bub....

I've got a date with Leakey as soon as he finishes whatever
business he's doing with the Kenyan government.

He'd have seen me sooner -- we talked over the phone -- but
he's running for government office or something or other (
he couldn't give me all the details).

I was in this group a couple of months ago putting out feelers
about A.species. No one wanted to give me any information so
I did my onw research.

I know what I saw and I don't give two dead flies what any of you
pinheads think.

I will tell you this though: the creatures I saw were a lot smarter
than most of the guys in this group...

And another thing about them -- they love beer!