Re: Tears

Daniel Yee (
15 Jul 1995 17:01:55 +1000

Pete Vincent (VINCENT@TRIUMF.CA) wrote:
: Dear oh dear, your recent arrival is showing. Leaving aside the
: unseemly lack of civility, your post reveals your ignorance of
: the origin of this newsgroup, which was in fact orphaned out
: of sci.anthropology as a wilderness into which the aat debaters
: could be cast.

sci.anthropology.paleo was NOT created solely to give the Aquatic Ape
Theory a home, but because paleoanthropology is a different subject
to social and cultural anthropology, and it was felt that having
two groups would make it easier for people to find topics that
interested them.

Bearcat <> followed up:
>Perhaps, in deference to logic, the spun-off group should have
>come under the heading pseudo.sci.anthropology.paleo.

Feel free to add a regexp like [aA][aA][tThH] to your KILL file. I'm a
bit sceptical about the AAT, but I do think the topic has generated a
lot of interesting discussion. The theory may be wrong, but I don't
think it is pseudo-science and it certainly can not be compared with
Velikovsky and Von Daniken!

>There's no warning to the unwary that paleoanthropology on
>the Internet implies water apes.

My choice example of a badly named group is alt.coevolution --
it's apparently for readers of the Whole Earth Review and not a forum
for discussion of such things as predator-host coevolution!

Danny Yee.