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Sat, 8 Jul 95 18:07:00 -0500

PD> In laboratory tests, the experimenters were not able to induce sweating
PD> in chimpanzees even when the temperature was taken above the range
Gh> they would naturally encounter. (My source is Elaine Morgan's work. I
Gh> haven't checked her citations on this issue).

Gh> Check her citations and give me some of her references.
Gh> Gerrit.

You'll be waiting a long long time.

She gives none. None whatsoever. (The statement is from *The Scars of
Evolution* [1990].)

She complains that people don't take the time to refute her work in a
scientific manner, yet she doesn't even give citations for critical
points like this. Even the few references she gives in *The Scars of
Evolution* are simply arranged by chapter, without any names or numbers
tying them to her text...not even page numbers in the ref.

She has stated here that this is because these books are for a popular
audience and therefore references are verboten. Of course this ignores
the many popular non-fiction books which contain extensive references;
for example, Deborah Tannen's books on language, or most any biography.
Yet Morgan evidently feels that scientists are supposed to wade through
her books, figure out on their own just what on earth her uncited
sources are, and critique the whole mess in a scholarly manner.

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