Re: Megantropus?

Ralph L Holloway (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 11:00:56 -0400

On 13 Jul 1995, Alex Duncan wrote:

> None of this stuff will probably ever fit in Australopithecus
> because the crania that are associated all have much larger cranial
> capacities. I believe the smallest of the Far Eastern crania has a
> cranial capacity of 750 or 780 cc -- at least 200 cc above the largest
> australopithecine cranial capacity.
> Any help Dr. Holloway?

I'll try. Alex has it right, I am sure. None of the Indonesian cranial go
below about 750, except for the Modjokerto cranium, which is that of a
small child, and which would have surpassed 700 as an adult. The teeth of
so-called "Meganthropus" are not australopithecine teeth either, and
there is a range of size within Homo erectus mandibles that puts the jaw
in question at one extreme, but clearly not enough to warrant assignment
within any australopithecine taxon.