Re: Tears

Bearcat (
Fri, 14 Jul 1995 15:13:50 GMT

Pete Vincent (VINCENT@TRIUMF.CA) wrote:
: In <> writes:

: ` Humans developed the ability to weep copiously in
: ` anticipation of the day when we would have the wonder
: ` of such a thing as sci.anthropology.paleo on the Internet,
: ` and yet have it polluted, endlessly, with this AAH/T shit.
: `
: Dear oh dear, your recent arrival is showing. Leaving aside the
: unseemly lack of civility, your post reveals your ignorance of
: the origin of this newsgroup, which was in fact orphaned out
: of sci.anthropology as a wilderness into which the aat debaters
: could be cast. As a matter of historic interest, the initiator
: of the six month flurry of posting (not the first one though)
: which precipitated this event, was one Douglas Adams, who wandered
: through s.a. one day and asked an innocent question.

Perhaps, in deference to logic, the spun-off group should have
come under the heading pseudo.sci.anthropology.paleo.

There's no warning to the unwary that paleoanthropology on
the Internet implies water apes.

- Bearcat