Re: prime numbers and African artifact

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14 Jul 1995 13:00:43 GMT

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Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan <> wrote:
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>> numbers are useful - this result isn't called the fundamental theorem of
>> arithmetic for nothing.
>No one is calling the importance of the theorem into question. It
>is only insofar as how a definition of "prime" affects the felicity
>of expression that the theorem can here be brought into play. NOw,
>you didn't give a formal statement of the theorem, but nonetheless
>look at what you did say, and how you said it. It really comes down
>to nothing more than a question of where one sticks in "except one"
>(or the equivalent) in the expression.

The issue is simple: this (and virtually all the other theorems used
in mathematics that are based upon prime numbers) does not make sense
if you count one as a prime number. That is why we exclude it.


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