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Jim Foley (
13 Jul 1995 14:44:01 GMT

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>i finally caught the johansen (sp] special on tv last night, all three parts.
>but, i remember there being an active thread several months ago concerning
>johansen [in search of human origins].
>did he do a good job representing other views? in the first, it was
>basically all him, but the second and third episode seemed to go over
>lots of other people's
>or is it just his personality that some people dont care for?

It was shown here last night for the first time, but I only caught parts
of it (taped it though). I noted that he discussed the discovery of the
Turkana Boy fossil without even mentioning the name of Richard Leakey.
That struck me as ridiculously petty.

I think a lot of people find him too arrogant and ambitious, and a
publicity hound. There's some truth in that, but I respect him for
having the guts to go out there and find good stuff.

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