Dating of Remains

David Soriano (
12 Jul 1995 01:25:21 GMT

I am an organic chemistry prof. with Pitt's Bradford campus in Pa. I have
worked with enzymes and liqiud crystals for more than a decade. Question:
I have heard it is possible to determine the age of hominid remains by
analyzing the protein , in a tooth cross-section, for racemization of the
l-amino acids to the d- form. This is supposed to be superior to classic
cC-14 approach. I think I am certain that I can improve this process
tremendously taking advantage of my research expertise! Are there any
physical anthropologists or forensic scientists reading this message? Do
you have a colleague in this area? I need someone to discuss this with! A
large grant can be written with my ideas! Any help is appreciated!
Regards, Dave Soriano Ph.D. Chemistry Dept. @ Univ. Pitt. - Bradford.
I need, in particular, protein samples from teeth to test these concepts
on a trial scale!