Jeffrey H. Schwartz' theories today - still alive???

Ludvig Mortberg (
6 Jul 1995 23:55:14 GMT

Hello everyone!

I'm a bit of a fan of Jeffrey H. Schwartz and his heretic
theories on the relationships between the now living hominoids.
His idea of the Orang-utan as our closest living relative
is well founded, I think. All the synapomorphies linking humans
to orangs must be taken seriously and as strong evidence against
the prevailing theory of humans/african apes.

Anyway, I'm not going to debate that here, what I want to ask
the readers of this newsgroup is how Schwartz' work is regarded
today, after nearly ten years have past, since the publication
of "The Red Ape". Have the molecular systematicists "won" the
battle? Are JHS' theories forgotten? Has Schwartz or anyone else
published any further evidence supportingor refuting the "orang
connection" theory? I'm interested in both popular books and
scientific articles and monographs.

I'm new to this newsgroup but as far as I can see, all participants
accept the chimp or chimp/gorilla as our closest living relatives.
Anyone out there who's an orang fan?

Anxiuos to read your responses

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