Re: Jeffrey H. Schwartz' theories today - still alive???

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>Anyway, I'm not going to debate that here, what I want to ask
>the readers of this newsgroup is how Schwartz' work is regarded
>today, after nearly ten years have past, since the publication
>of "The Red Ape". Have the molecular systematicists "won" the
>battle? Are JHS' theories forgotten? Has Schwartz or anyone else
>published any further evidence supportingor refuting the "orang
>connection" theory? I'm interested in both popular books and
>scientific articles and monographs.

He still was touting it in _What Bones Tell Us_ (1993). I used to say
"well, what can you expect from a physical anthropologist who calls the
hyoid bone the Adam's Apple" but then Bill Maples did that, too in _Dead
Men Do Tell Tales_ (a definately pet peeve of mine).

>I'm new to this newsgroup but as far as I can see, all participants
>accept the chimp or chimp/gorilla as our closest living relatives.
>Anyone out there who's an orang fan?

I'm a spectacular Orang fan, but thad doesn't mean I think they are the
closest species to humans.


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