Re: Homo erectus

Alex Duncan (
6 Jul 1995 19:03:07 GMT

In article <herwin-2906952204200001@> Harry Erwin, writes:
>Probably, although the KBS tuff is at 1.88 MYr, and there's some
>post-cranial stuff below it that may be H. erectus.

Since we aren't sure what the postcrania associated w/ the various
habiline species looks like, it would be premature to assume that
postcrania older than 1.88 Myr necessarily belongs to H. erectus. It may
be that the larger habiline taxon had a more modern postcranial skeleton
that would be difficult to distinguish from H. erectus. Yes, the stuff
MAY BE H. erectus, but I won't be satisfied until it is associated w/
cranial or dental remains.

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