Re: AL 288-1 bicond.angle?

Alex Duncan (
6 Jul 1995 18:53:33 GMT

In article <> Gerrit Hanenburg, writes:
>I know of two accurate measurements of the bicondylar angle in
>A.afarensis: AL 129-1a(15 dgs) and AL 333-4(9 dgs).
>So far I have not been able to find data about this angle in AL 288-1("Lucy").
>The AL 288-1 distal femur seems somewhat deformed(postmortem?)
>so a good measurement may not be possible.
>I would like to know if there is a measurement or a reasonable
>estimate of the bicondylar angle in this specimen.
>If possible,please mention the source.

The distal femur of AL288-1 is so extensively damaged that it would be
stretching things a bit to attempt to reconstruct the bicondylar angle.
Based on similarity of size, it was probably about like AL 129's.

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