Re: "Was Neanderthal White ?"

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5 Jul 1995 18:44:06 GMT

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>There are interesting debates published in "Current Anthropology", esp. on
>the pelvises of Neanderthal females (from 1985-present). The contention
>is that Neanderthals may have been born larger and more mature than our
>own "ancestors." The Neanderthal female pelvises are proported to be
>larger and gestation periods estimated to be of longer duration. It's a
>fascinating debate regardless.

This sounds like a claim Erik Trinkaus made that Neandertals may have
had longer gestation than modern humans. I forget the exact wording,
but in "The Neandertals", Trinkaus and Shipman 1992, he retracts this
claim, or at least says that it is unsupported.

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