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>There are interesting debates published in "Current Anthropology", esp. on
>the pelvises of Neanderthal females (from 1985-present). The contention
>is that Neanderthals may have been born larger and more mature than our
>own "ancestors." The Neanderthal female pelvises are proported to be
>larger and gestation periods estimated to be of longer duration. It's a
>fascinating debate regardless.

Definately no longer a current thought. That was based on what was
perceived to be elongated pubic bones. At that point they had never found
an intact pelvis. There had been another person (I forget who) who had
contended all along that they were not elongate, but within the range of
normal variation. When they found a full pelvis in the mid east (I forget
where), the theory was shot. Even before then there was a LOT of
controversy that Neanderthals would have a longer gestation, even based on
the idea that the pubic bones were larger.
This is in the Trinkaus/Shipman book, but keep in mind that as Trinkaus
was the proponent, it may not be an unbaised presentation.


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