Re: AAT Questions...

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 18:01:29 GMT (Pat Dooley) wrote:

>Once again, you set up a strawman argument or simply misrepresent
>the AAT. Let's start with a few facts. The human thermoregulation system
>is based on the excretion of moisture and electrolytes from eccrine
>Our nearest relatives have no such system - chimps and gorillas don't
>sweat, no matter how hot it gets or how hard they work. Can you explain
>that discrepancy? It can't be just the loss of hair because plenty of
>hairy mammals sweat.

George B.Schaller writes:In Kabara the gorrillas seemingly enjoy the
sun when it appears.Their reaction is often immediate:they roll onto
their backs,spread their arms above their heads or to the side,and
expose their chests to the rays.I have observed animals lie in the
direct sun for more than two hours,with beads of sweat forming on
their upper lip and rivulets of it running down the chest.
From:The Mountain Gorilla.Ecology and Behaviour. University of Chicago 295 in the midway reprint.