Re: WWW-based Anthro Quiz

Stephen Younge (
Tue, 4 Jul 1995 15:35:06 GMT

>From: (JAWetting)
>Subject: Re: WWW-based Anthro Quiz
>Date: 3 Jul 1995 20:59:01 -0400

>hierarchies). By the way, where and with whom are you working on your

The WWW-based Anthro Quiz (tentatively titled WebEvolution) is a
collaborative effort between the University of Waterloo in Canada and Totem
Interactive, a Canadian media company. The primary effort is to see how the
World Wide Web can be applied to educational uses. The immediate goal is to
assist Anthropology learning in an interesting and useful format.

I'll keep this newsgroup posted on the progress that I make with it. If you
are interested, most of the support programs for the quiz will be written as
Perl scripts which will generate on-the-fly HTML files depending on the user'
s responses to questions.

Stephen Younge
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada