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> David L. Burkhead wrote:
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> Your points might have some validity if the proposed aquatic ape was an
> ocean going swimmer. It is far more likely to have been a shore line
> forager, rarely venturing into deep water. In such a case, it only has to
> make it to the shallows to evade a shark or crocodile.
> That option is not available to an ape trying to outrun a leopard.

Certainly it is. An ape in a tree is much more mobile than a leopard. The
accessible space to a large carnivore with convergent pes and manus is
limited to the tops of some large branches, while a smaller ape with
grasping pes and manus could reach at least twice (prabably ten times) as
much volume.

> Pat Dooley
> Plainly, the AAH doesn't hold water.

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