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J. Moore (
Sun, 2 Jul 95 15:33:00 -0500

Dm> AFAIK (not that I have checked this, or anything), there are no species
Dm> of human which hunt without weapons.

Humans don't come in different species.

Dm> This caused bipedality,

Using "this caused _____" is a non-evolutionary view.

Dm> >Pa> Display? No sign of sexual dimorphism.
Dm> >Perhaps you could try using complete enough sentences to make
Dm> >intelligible thoughts as well.

Dm> Don't pick on people's grammar, it is unbecoming of.

I wasn't picking on his grammar, but rather the fact that he didn't
provide enough of a sentence to have any idea just what the hell he
meant to say.

Dm> >Pa> Tool carrying? Bipedalism predates tools.
Dm> >Actually unlikely; you are confusing "stone tools" with "tools".

Dm> Bipedalism predates tools, and no literature I have heard of denys this,
Dm> but it may well not predate improvised implements. The difference being,
Dm> a tool is something created to do a job, an implement is something
Dm> around that does the job just fine.

An "implement" and a "tool" are the same thing. Since chimpanzees,
among other animals, use tools, and chimpanzees even make them, we can
surmise that the ancestor we share with chimps was likely capable of
making them, and that australopithecines certainly were.

Dm> Seriously, I am interested to know just what IS considered 'state of the
Dm> art'.

Judging from the rest of your post, I cannot believe you are seriously
interested about the subject at all.

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